The Expiration of Comprehensive Plans and their Impacts on Local Development in the Northern Region

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Sudarat Auttarat


This research is study to make a survey and the problems from the expired of comprehensive plan. The Major consequences would be the influence on the economic development and the socio-economic quality of life of citizens, for instance, the influence on the land use, natural resources and the way of life of the local people. In brief, the local government units would have the methods to solve the problems in addition to the efficiency of the problem solving method. How could they present their guidance towards the problems occurred due to the fact that the city planning law was in proclamation process and the lack of legal enforcement to direct efficiency local government management. According to the study, it was found that problems on the shortage of the legalization of the comprehensive planning law had the influence on the land and the area management. In summary, the expired of comprehensive plan process should be re-organized in order that it would be possible to solve problems and obstacles and make comprehensive plan consecutively effect and success.


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