The Study for Design and Assessment of Community Market Development within “Talad Tong Chom” Project: Khlong Bang Luang”

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Supitcha Tovivich
Chinasak Tandikul
Adisorn Srisaowanunt
Parichat Promsawat


This article is a part of “Project to Promote and Support Community Market Development in the Bangkok Area, Khlong Bang Luang Market. This article focuses on the studying process of analysis that leads to the design solutions. Additionally, it illustrates an evaluation after the design solutions are completed. In the study process, information from both primary and secondary data were collected by various methods, including observations, interviews, questionnaires, focus-group meeting, workshop, and literature from other associated academic data. SWOT Analysis is used, in addition with Customer Analysis of the 6W1H tool (Who-What-Why-Whom-When-Where- How). The article focuses on the actual physical improvement design of five topics which (1) Additional painting and roofing Area of the original map and entrance archway. (2) Design and construction of map signs and tree arches. (3) Design and construction of a viewpoint on the bridge over the canal. (4) Design and construction of the additional three seating by the canal, which are located between the corridors linking Wat Kamphaeng Bangchak – Baan Silapin (The Artist’s House) (5) Design and construction of tree and arch facade, which defines as a market entrance along the canal. Finally, based on the evaluation of the satisfaction with the project “Talad Tong Chom (Must-See Market): Khlong Bang Luang Market” in overall, this project was welcomed by both tourists and most local entrepreneurs who were satisfied at the high and highest level respectively.


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