A Development of Design and Management Guidelines for Condominium Projects to Enhance the Decision Making of the Investors: Case Studies of Pattaya City

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Panus Pongpisitkul
Sukulpat Khumpaisal


Pattaya is the well-known tourist attraction place located on the eastern coast of Thailand. It was also promoted by the Eastern Economic Corridor policy in regard to build more condominium projects in order to support the new immigrants (both domestic and international). According to this issue, it forces the developers to search for the project selling points to attract the investors, whether the local, or foreigners. This research aims to develop the design and management guidelines for the development to build the condominium units that meet with the investors’ requirements. It employs the qualitative research approach by field survey and interviewing investors, the developer, and designers, 3 persons from each of 3 projects, total 9 persons, who participated in the condominium development projects located in Pattaya City. It was found that the investment model to buy the condominium in the Pattaya area is the Long-term investment for renting and selling later. The source of fund of which was the investor’s personal funds. The factors that most influence the decision to purchase the condominium for Long-term investment are scenery, location, and expected return rate, respectively. Therefore, the condominium project development should focus a design that takes into account the scenery and location of the project, together with the management of high-performance building resources for security and cleaning service. However, investors did not give much importance to facility management.


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