The Government’s Perspectives to the Tourism Development in Pathumthani Province: The Case Study Rangsit City Municipality, Thaklong Municipality, and Bueng Yitho Municipality

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Nipan Vichiennoi
Waralak Khongouan
Putpunnin Khamwachirapithak


This article aims to present the ways to develop tourism management of Rangsit city municipality, Thaklong municipality, and Bueng Yitho municipality in Pathumthani province through local governments’ perspectives, particularly the departments taking responsibilities in operating tourism development and management. Research tools used in this article are field surveying, and interviewing. The study shows that Rangsit city municipality is the location of tourist attractions reflecting the riverside community’s lifestyle (Rangsit floating market), Thaklong municipality is the location of provincial and national tourist destinations (Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture, Talaad Thai), and Bueng Yitho municipality is the location of the famous attractions in national level (Dream World amusement, and Chai Thung coffee shop). However, the attractions in the studied areas are poor in terms of the cooperation between public agencies that focus on area-based development and sustainable tourism management. Additionally, most of the attractions are normally managed by property owners who are private sectors. As such, local population could not receive any benefit or income from tourism activities. Summarily, the future tourism development should strengthen the connection between public and private sectors, develop land and water infrastructure for better connected routes, and revitalize both natural and local environment.


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