Article Review: Creative Thoughts Associated with Environmental Art From the 1960s Onwards

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Pattamon Selanon
Ning Cui


All art can serve as driver and inspiration for landscape architectural design within multiple disciplines at the same time cultivating innovation ideas.In 1960s, environmental art originated with aimingfor a particular site and are expressed in similar manner, using elements of nature taken in various forms, including intervention in the site, large sculptural artworks and, also, the installation in art galleries of natural materials. Several artist scholars such asKrauss (1979)and(Papapetros and Rose, 2014)marked that there are no specific principles or general agreement or specific theory in terms of the approaches to exploring landscapesentangled with the art. However, within broad terrain of studies and practice of the environmental art, this research attempted to provide core creative thoughts and ideas applied to the art, which can be divided into 6 themes including1) Modernism and Postmodernism, 3) Genius loci or spirit of place, 4) concepts of eighteenth-century aesthetics, 5) environmentalism and 6) passage of time will be paid special attentions. Accordingly, the work then has statement of the evolution of art form of each period, also as its interconnections with Environment Art and the form and creative approaches of the art exhibited during the time will be explored. Additionally, this study also reviews of how current approach of the environmental art.



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