A Design of Information Systems for Event Planning

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Kan Kaophenyai
Chulawadee Santad


To organize a successful event, it requires several of complex working processes. People from different specialties need to cooperate within a limited timeframe. Therefore, for a successful work, they share important mutual data which in this case are spatial data. Currently, there is a shortage of an information system to help manage these data and create data connection between each department. As a result, this research’s objective is to present the information system model which helps manage spatial data in an event easily. This system also enhances the communication system effectiveness between responsible people for both internal external sectors.

Initially, it is essential to create an in depth understanding in the event organization process together with design User Interface. After the process is analyzed, the data are presented via Data Visualization technique. This developed information system is a web-based form which contains different systems, Front-end, Back- end and Database, with necessary tools such as Mapbox Tutf.js and Chart.js. After that the well-designed and fully developed information system model is evaluated by two different groups of professionals: planning process specialists and experienced event managing experts. To be concluded, this successful model has a very high possibility to act as a tool or an effective channel for a better internal communication in an organization. Moreover, it can be applied with other works related to spatial data management as well.


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