Assessing the Appropriateness of and Development Guidelines for an Age-friendly Community in Physical Aspect: A Case Study of Rangsit Municipality

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Nalinda Suwanprasop
Nij Tontisirin



The global aging population has been constantly increasing. As such, the World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed the concept of age-friendly city. In Thailand, the planning to support age-friendly built environment has not yet been recognized as an important factor. Rangsit Municipality, Pathum Thani, where the elderly accounts for 14% of the population, is one of the pilot areas in addressing the elderly issue. The municipality has shown the potential to become a model for the development of an elderly-friendly community. The purpose of this research is to assess to what extent the public space in Rangsit Municipality is age-friendly, and to investigate the physical public spaces and the standard of physical elements supporting an age-friendly community in urban areas. The research uses survey and interview methods of 100 elderly people using the public space in urban areas in Rangsit Municipality, and observation method for the assessment of physical environment to the standard of urban elements supporting physical aspects of an age-friendly community.

The study shows that the majority of elderly people are satisfied with their access to public space. However, some physical elements for an age - friendly community do not meet the standards. Physical improvements are needed for investigated urban spaces. This result will be beneficial to many urban planning aencies in an emerging elderly society. Moreover, this research is a pilot study to increase awareness of and lead to improvements in the physical standardization of urban elements that are friendly to the elderly


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