Potential Surface Analysis (PSA) for Urban Development in Samutsakorn, Nakornpathom, Samutsongkram, Petchaburi and Huahin, Prajuabkirikhan

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Pornpat Ativitavas
Suwadee Thongsukplang


This article presents the study of Potential Surface Analysis (PSA) which is a technique to rank
spatial factors upon which influence an urban development and to calculate factor scores to find a suitable
area for an urban development. This technique is prevalently used in various fields of studies in the past
decade such as geography, environmental science, landscape architecture and urban planning. In this analysis,
the collective geographic information system database was derived from several organizations of Thailand and
was analysed by an ArcView program. The issue in this article is a part of a primary analysis which focuses only
on physical factors; meanwhile excluding factors in socio-economic and infrastructure in engineering, which
are otherwise important in an urban development, which should be incorporated in a next step of the study.


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