The Study of Helmet Use Behavior of Motorcyclists in Nakhon Pathom Province by Using Community Participation

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Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha
Chintawee Kasemsuk


Traffic accident was one of critical problems for Thailand particularly in provincial area. Many cases involving injuries are often resulted from motorcyclists not wearing helmets. Local communities had not been well prepared for management before, during, and after accident. Collected by Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police Division, the accident statistics Songkran Holidays in 2009 comprised 5 fatalities and 30 injuries. Among these numbers, 22 were caused by motorcycle accidents. Additional 2,361 motorcyclists were also charged with riding without a helmet. Therefore, the primary objectives of this research were to develop and apply a methodology for encouraging motorcyclists in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand, to use helmets. A methodology of community participation was developed to encourage motorcyclists and their passengers to use helmets. Based on the quantitative research, the data was collected by community members who have been trained in order to have personal empowerment. They were responsible to diffuse the attitudes on factors in accordance with the helmet use behavior. There was strong evidence that this methodology was successful because it appeared to increase the percentage of helmet use in the province by 13.2%. The methodology developed in this research appears to be sustainable rural community development, since it relies on community participation.


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