Computer Program for 3D Modeling Design of High-Rise Building under Setback Laws and Bangkok Town Planning Law B.E. 2549

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Vasan Iamsupasit


Analysis of a high-rise building usable space is a part of a feasibility study in a design process to yield
optimum usable space and benefit. There are many factors that affect the usability study, for instance, shape of
the property, surroundings (the size of roads and physicality of adjacent buildings), laws and regulations
(setback, floor area ratio, open space ratio, the number of floors, the height of floor to floor, the use of space, the
number of parking spaces). All these factors are relative when one has changed as it will affect the others. For
example, if the size of property or the height of floor has changed, these would reduce the selling space of the
project. The chain reaction of these variables would yield tedious and complicated calculations.
This study focuses on creating a program that is used for analyzing the factors derived from the laws
and regulations and generate the model that is beneficial for a feasibility study of a high-rise building design.
The use of computer analysis is more practical as the variables can be stored as data, which makes it easier
and faster to reevaluate when factors are altered.


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