Extending the House / Extending the Dream: Modifications to Government-built Housing in Bangkok Metropolitan Region

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Boonanan Natakun
David O’Brien


This paper analyses user initiated modifications at one Baan Ua-arthorn housing estate located at
Rangsit Klong 3 in Prathum Thani Province in the outskirts of Bangkok. By analysing a series of architectural
drawings and interviews with the residents, results show that housing modifications are driven by a variety of
factors – some of which are pragmatic in their nature while others can be about recreating a new expression of
their personal preferences. The paper suggests that these modifications play an important role in improving the
living standard of the residents and the community as a whole. It suggests that new government-built housing
estates should be designed to enable these types of modifications and by doing so the capacity of the residents
to create a harmonious neighbourhood in response to their incremental needs will be enhanced.


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