Public Satisfaction towards Urban Planning Measures for Environmental Management in Koh Samui Municipality, Surat Thani Province

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Piyatida Puchaneyapongsakorn
Waralak Khongouan


The growth of the tourism industry in the Koh Samui municipality has triggered changes in its natural
surroundings and created environmental problems. As a result, relevant organizations have set up a number
of measures in order to solve these issues, including those prescribed in the community comprehensive plan
Koh Samui-2006, environmental laws, the Building Control Act, and guidelines for environmental management.
According to this study’s findings on public opinion towards urban planning measures to manage the environment,
74 percent of the informants did not know the specific details of these measures, except the restrictions
on building height. In addition, 100 percent of respondents agreed that public participation in developing urban
planning measures should be encouraged, and that more should be established to strengthen environmental
management. In the future, there should be a greater focus on: 1) increasing Public Relations and media
outreach; 2) raising incentive strategies to support urban planning measures for environmental management;
3) encouraging more public participation; and lastly, 4) increasing enforcement and imposing strict penalties.


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