Innovation Ecosystem: A Case Study of Kluaynamthai Innovative Industries District

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Rittirong Chutapruttikorn
Suksan Chunarrom


According to the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan, it aims to enhance Startup’s ability to use innovation and digital technology to create value for products and services. Existing industries in Kluaynamthai district have been interested to develop to be innovative industries, at the same time the district itself is driven as an innovation district. Nevertheless to increase innovation in this area, it needs to explore and evaluate the potential of its innovation ecosystem. In order to understand Kluaynamthai’s innovation ecosystem, the main methods of this study are focus groups and interview with stakeholders, survey the physical area of district on the boundary of 7.2 and build up public awareness and public hearing.

Such innovation ecosystem consists of, 1) Physical assets: found that the district locates in the city center. There is a number of vacant lands and buildings for development, recreation areas for enhancing good quality of living, and affordable residences as well as offices for Startup; 2) Network assets: found that the academic institutes and research labs are ready to incubate innovators and create innovative prototypes. The existing industries can provide business opportunities which are results from the change of a heavy industrial mode of production to innovation mode. In addition, other stakeholders such as banks can act as an investment hub; 3) Economic assets: found that the Kluaynamthai district is a mix-used area in which suit for Startup and Innovator to work, live, learn and play. The survey of innovative ecosystem through the three assets leads to the strategic plan for district development. However, at present a small number of them are in this location. Increasing Startup is a vital challenge to develop this area to become innovation district.


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