The Wisdom of Trang shophouse

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Pat Wongpradit
Kriengkrai Kerdsiri


The study on the Wisdom of Trang shophouse was conducted by extracting knowledge gained from the field study at shophouse in specific area at Thap Thiang and Kantang District, Trang Province, located on Thailand’s western coast of the southern peninsula. This study has found that generally the wisdom in shophouse in Trang Province could be categorised into 3 groups: 1) the wisdom of living in particular environment, 2) the wisdom of craftsmanship, and 3) the wisdom of resources management. From the study, it is found that the outstanding wisdom of craftsmanship with high potentiality of applied has enabled young generation in the community to apply the knowledge into their design works that are harmonious with daily living in the contemporary context. The causes and surrounding factors of forming the Trang shophouse consist of 3 factors: 1) local people under the specific conditions of environment, economy and resources, 2) social value and culture influenced by Overseas Chinese and Western traders via colonized land on the Straits (settlements), and 3) influence from central administration.


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