A Technique for Producing Ideas

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Archan Boonyanan


As a key stakeholder who is recognised as adesigner of high aesthetic building space as well asa leader and coordinator in conventional architecturalproject developments, an architect has to bewell-prepared for such a challenging task. Skills andknowledge, therefore, have to be constantly renewedand created in the fragmented industry structure. Onesystematic solution can be learned from the highlycreative advertising industry where the right idea iscrucial for the success of a task.

This little classic book written by the legendaryJames Webb Young (1886-1973) in 1965 can be agood start to systematically create new ideas.Contents of the book were written from Young’sextensive experience in U.S. advertising from the timehe started working at J. Walter Thompson advertisingagency as a copy writer in 1912 to the top of hiscareer as a vice president in 1928. They werepresented to graduate students at the University ofChicago’s Business School where he was a professorfrom 1931 to 1939 and with a number of gatheringswith active advertising people to inspire people toconceive.


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