The Study of People’s Life and Emotion in Rong Wongsawan’s Nonfiction Writings B.E. 2515-2516

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Puwadon Sriwilai


The article was based on the study concerning three nonfiction books by Rong Wongsawan: Takhli Tear without Cry, Sattahip don’t say goodbye, Ruby’s junction which considered the lives and emotions of people in his books during BE 2515-2516. The findings contained three important changes. First, they reflected on the lives of people who were moving on in search of a better life in the area of the American base and gemstone mine, changing their minds and forming a network as entrepreneurs. Second, the aspect introduced the emotion of the people in the cases of hope and nostalgia. Third, introduced conflict of value system and emotional regimes to their profession and the life that seemed not to be accepted by society. These three aspects were deemed to shed light on a better image of the changing moments of people’s lives and emotions during that period.

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