Effects Of Using Petanque to Enhance the Well-Being of The Elderly Through the Participation Process in Muang District, Surin Province

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Kittithorn Klangpraphan


The objectives of this paper were: 1) to study the problems and needs to enhance the elderly's well-being; 2) to create an activity program to improve the well-being of the elderly; and 3) to study the satisfaction of the aged towards health-enhancing activities. The elderly in the Surin neighborhood used sport as a base. This research was applied research that integrates participatory research with the community. Health research and health education research, physical education, and health. The sample group used in this research consisted of 38 elderly people in Mueang District, Surin Province. The tools used to collect data were questionnaires, interview forms, and statistics used for data analysis, such as the percentage, mean, and standard deviation.

The results showed that 1) Problems and needs to enhance the well-being of the elderly found that 1.1) problems of petanque sports in community areas averaged 4.88 parts 1.2) petanque sports opinions were averaged at 4.38, and 1.3) the demand for using petanque sports to promote the health of the elderly in the community was averaged at 4.48. 2) As for the development of an activity program to enhance the health of the elderly, it was found that there were 4 aspects: 2.1) provides knowledge about petanque sports. preliminary 2.2) warm-up techniques; 2.3) petanque playing methods and practice forms; and 2.4) petanque playing techniques and international rules; and 3) Elderly satisfaction with health-promoting activities in urban areas. Surin By using petanque as a base, it was found that 3.1) the knowledge of playing petanque for the elderly had an average of 3.73, 3.2) the physical health of the elderly in playing petanque had an average of 4.54, and 3.3) their health. The mentality of the elderly in playing petanque was an average of 4.78.

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