Solving Community Problems through Local Area Research Processes in Lamphun Province

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Wanpen Parintarakul


This research article aimed to 1) develop community research questions in new areas; 2) upgrade and develop research knowledge for community-based research in Lamphun Province; and 3) follow up and support research projects that are in the process of ensuring quality in Lamphun Province. There were twelve projects in Lamphun Province. Participatory action research and descriptive data analysis were used. The research results were found as follows:

1) The new community research project covers an area at the watershed level and at the sub-district level, including 69 communities. There is a forum to develop research projects in the area in order to develop research projects to achieve appropriate research guidelines. Applying the concept of research to local three issues, namely, the problem belongs to the community, the community participates in the research, and there are community operations, situation analysis on resource and environmental management, sustainable agriculture, and food security.

2) The result also showed that there was research knowledge upgrading and development for community-based research in Lamphun province, as well as creating concrete areas with local administrative organizations and communities by integrating health assembly tools and health constitution. This was to develop knowledge of public policies, collective agreements, or constitutions at each level in Lamphun Province with the support of the National Health Commission Office.

3) The study revealed that there was monitoring and support of the continuing research projects to maintain quality. The knowledge was utilized by the local government authorities and related agencies. There was a major obstacle to expanding the knowledge of research to people in other areas, as it required the cooperation of various agencies for support.

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