The Faith and the Treatment Power

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Arithaj Lertamornchaikit
Phramaha Maghavin Purisuttamo


The objectives of this article were: 1) to study the faith and the treatment power in the West, and 2) to study the faith and the treatment power in the East. The results of the study were as following: In the western, the true treatment power is the mysterious power hidden in a human being that called the subconscious power. To connect with the power it requires faith without doubt, therefore, the power of guidance. Furthermore, the power of the creative mind sinks into the subconscious and helps the ills to recover and regain the normality life. The faith is not always a religious term in the Western meanwhile everyone able to access the subconscious power through prayer. This means the mediators, religious ceremony and the sacred symbols not necessary by the way. In the Eastern has similarity to the West in various ways of the treatment principles powers such as praying or giving a vow. Now a day the Western turns to focus on praying, meditation as same as with the East. However, the powers of treatments in the East mostly have a common background from the power of wishing to live happily, wealthy and healthy. All of those powers away are sacred that derived from the idolatry or religious symbol which were respected.

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