English Communication Life Skills of Thailand People in the 21th Century

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Kanjanaporn Rujichom


This article is intended to learn the importance of English communication. Introducing English to the 21 Century Skills to Enhance and Improve Your English Communication Skills and Living Skills. In today's world, our world is changing rapidly in terms of technology. Communication at the disruption. Or even in the language used to communicate with other countries around the world. All countries have seized the English language as a medium for communication in various fields such as the relationship with foreign countries. Trading, transportation, or even investment with foreigners. Everything is needed to communicate in English. In the 21 century, there are three important skills in life and work: 1. Learning and innovation skills. 2. Information technology, technology, life skills. Each of these skills is needed in a rapidly changing world. If you live in a world that has changed like this. We all need to adjust to keep up with the changing world. English is required in all parts of daily life. We are familiar with English as well as Thai.

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