The Development of Awakening of College Graduates in Thai Society

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Pramote Yotkaew


Graduate means people who make a living by their intelligence in accordance with the principle of the truth of Dhamma to create prosperity for themselves and societies. This causes the awakened people who have wisdom developing themselves through the Satipatthana 4 recitation, basic virtues making and Kalyanamittata who are ready to develop, learn, and adapt with the Lord knowledge of awakenings. These relate to the rule of threefold training called awakened graduates that is the crucial matter needs to be taken in action in Thai societies.

            At present, graduates expect returns and intend to exploit. The causes of these obstacles are the attitude and the advancement to make people have the real intelligence. Making graduates awaken, thus, we need to stress the quality of education in the view of knowledge together with merit which is formed by the belief and the faith caused by the solid mentality.  The factors which are underdeveloped are caused by education, time management, influenced communication technology, new doctrine and worship, and the policy of the leaders who do not understand the real awakening. The suggestions for developing awakened graduates are to bring the knowledge into action until it becomes soul awakened behavior.

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