Primary Causes of Political Philosophy

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Sorawit Wongsaard


This article aims to study the content. “Raison dieter of political philosophy,” the concept of “political philosophy” that aims to study the regime responsible for the conduct of human life. To try to reach a political nature that seeks to answer. The best political According to the concept of Christianity As well as economic institutions that led to the idea of modern political philosophy. A liberal democracy of today's popular series called the “ideology”, the ideology that respects human dignity. And an ideology that can be negotiated to reduce the nobility to be intolerant to the hearing on the ground floor. That recognizes the rights and responsibilities to be replaced and guidelines that control the direction of the administration. In carrying out the goals, principles, processes and procedures that are required for the legitimate interests of the parties. This led to the seizure of the performance of individuals or organizations. The focus on ethical and moral principles used in politics. In the form of law, supremacy of the opinion of the authority in a community that relies heavily influenced by political, social factors only.

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