The Vales of Brahmaviharas in Thai Society

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Netchanok Bodharamik


This article aims to inform the values of Brahmaviharas in Thai Society. It was found that Brahmaviharas have values in Thai Society in three aspects : family, education, and work. In terms of family, Brahmaviharas are the doctrine that members of a family in Thai Society use as the principle in doing their duties appropriately based on the situations, ethics and laws. In terms of education, Brahmaviharas have a great value to education in Thai Society. Learners and teachers smoothly and happily do their duties and they have good relationship; thus, the knowledge is effectively transferred. In terms of work, Brahmaviharas also have a great value to work in Thai Society. They make the work go smoothly and the doers do their jobs happily and they have good relationship to each other.

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