The Appropriate Patterns of Management in Thai-Cambodian Labour Relations.

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Aphicha Rayabsri
Natamon Nanposri


This research had the objectives to study the context and factors managing labour relation: Thai-Cambodia, and construct the appropriate model as proposition. It was qualitative research. Interview form was used as the research tool for data collection from the executives in government and private sector, Cambodian labour, and entrepreneur. Research tool was examined the content validity by the experts. 

The research findings were as follows: The relevant contexts were consisted of the government sectors of Thai and Cambodia which had the tendency to work with each other more collaboratively. However, management style was still adhered to its own traditions and values at some degrees. The relevant factors comprised wages, economic conditions, welfare, livelihood, sanitation, and the advancement in law. The appropriate model proposed were to set up the supervisory authority to control and integrate their collaborative working; to empower the Cambodian labour to participate in management process; and to legislate, strictly enforce, and revise the laws to be up to date.


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