T. Ngekchuan Private Collection (Rabbit Brand): A Case Study of Morlam Records in 1940.

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Pongpitthaya Sapaso


 This research aims to study the sound quality of Morlam Gramophone records at different times, recorded in T. Ngekchuan private collection (Rabbit brand). The results showed that the Rabbit brand record has a list of Morlam that has been recorded by many people. Morlam Lamkun Thawornphong, Morlam Chom Sri Bunlusin, Morlam Khamphong Hassarok, Morlam Khanthong, Morlam Boonruang, Morlam Thongbai, Mo Khan Bua Meesap, Mor Khan Chuen Than Hai, and Mor Khan Saen. Usually, Morlam and Mor Khan are recorded simultaneously. Morlam stands about 1 meter away from Mor Khan with a microphone hanging down. The atmosphere is like a Morlam show. That Morlam and Mor Khan can sing naturally. In order to record the sound, Morlam and Mor Khan must have a smart and witty. It has been rehearsed very well. From the interview, it was found that the sound recording of 1 Klon Lam was recorded about 1-3 times. There is a limit on recording time. Because the LP can record no more than 3 and a half minutes, Morlam and Mor Khan must observe the light signal from the sound engineer to start recording and must complete the request within the specified time. The principle of recording Morlam sounds like this continues to the present day.

Spectrograms and Spectrums during the year 1940 found that the overall peak of the spectrum was about 16 KHz, the average sound content was from 20 Hz to about 3 KHz and gradually decreased in the frequency band at 70 Hz. Up to 250 Hz is the bass band. It was found that the sound was quieter than other frequencies, which was typical of the Morlam that was played by Khan.

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