Cheer-Room: Devised Theatre on Perspective of Right and Freedom in Freshman Welcoming Activities in Thailand

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Jiraporn Butchot
Piyachat Chaiyadam
Ladaphan Phansa-oat
Tanatchaporn Kittikong


          A devised theatre - “Cheer-Room” is a Performing Arts Thesis Project for a bachelor’s degree of Fine and Applied Arts (Performing Arts), Khon Kaen University. The project aims to create a theatrical performance that focuses on ‘Right and Freedom’ in Freshman Welcoming Activities in Thailand using devised methods, also to find the effective ways of producing the devised performance. Devising as method is a great tool that opens as creative space and for sharing in order to collect different opinions and perspectives on the issue. The results in terms of performance derived from feelings, opinions, experiences, improvisation, news and other resources that dealt with the welcoming activities, SOTUS concepts and social structure, inspired creators and actors in its creative process. “Cheer-Room” composes of 5 scenes: 1) Welcoming Ritual; 2) Fun Activities; 3) News; 4) Dark sides of Cheer-room; and 5) Continuation. The result of this study shows that there are fundamental contradiction of perspectives and attitudes rooted between belief in equality (right and freedom) and respectful relationships between ‘elders and youngers’ that deeply embedded in Thai social structure, status and roles. Presently, the question is not only the way how these welcoming activities are designed and organized by senior students, but also how the new Thai generations (Freshman) would continue these activities by standing for their right and freedom through this rite of passage.

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Butchot, J., Chaiyadam, P., Phansa-oat, L., & Kittikong, T. (2021). Cheer-Room: Devised Theatre on Perspective of Right and Freedom in Freshman Welcoming Activities in Thailand. Journal of Fine and Applied Arts Khon Kaen University, 13(1), 215–241. Retrieved from
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