Tuaitan an-fon : Tradition dance Sacred Sacrifice In the belief of the E-san people.

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ศราวดี ภูชมศรี


The sacrifice for the sacred offerings. The beauty of the dancers. It offers humble performances. Humble and respectful of worship. By looking at the principles of dance can analyze the social presence. A tribute to worship or homage is another tradition that helps to organize people or to group people into a single dance. It is a link between faith in the sacred and the unity of the people in the area. To see that in the form of sacred in Buddhism or sacred things that people respect. There will always be sacrifices by dancing according to the belief of the people of Isaan.


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ภูชมศรีศ. (2019). Tuaitan an-fon : Tradition dance Sacred Sacrifice In the belief of the E-san people. Journal of Fine and Applied Arts Khon Kaen University, 11(1), 187-206. Retrieved from https://so02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/fakku/article/view/199513
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