Publication Ethics

Editorial Policies and Ethical Considerations
All research and regular articles in IJEAS have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous double-blind refereeing by at least two reviewers who give an opinion about acceptability on the basis of originality, scholarly reliability of the study, analyses of the data and interpretation of the results. All book reviews published in the Journal have undergone editorial review by the editors and/or other members of the editorial board. Manuscripts submitted to IJEAS must be original contributions and must not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. The final authority to accept or reject the manuscript rests with the Editor-in-Chief, who reserves the right to refuse any manuscript for publication.
The Editors or members of the Editorial Board may sometimes submit their own manuscripts for possible publication in the journal. In these cases, the peer review process will be managed by other members of the Board. The submitting Editor/Board member will not be involved in the peer review and decision-making processes.