Factors Relevant to Tourists’ Buying Decision on Pottery Souvenirs at Koh Kret of Nonthaburi Province

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Wasan Kantvorarat


          The purposes of this study were 1) to study tourists’ buying decision on pottery souvenirs at Koh Kret, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi Province and 2) to identify factors related to the tourists’ buying decision on pottery souvenirs at Koh Kret in Nonthaburi. The sample of this study were tourists at Pak Kret who decided to buy pottery as souvenirs. The Taro Yamane was implemented for the calculation by simple random sampling of 400 tourists. The statistical analysis included frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and the Chi-Square (x2).

          The findings show that the relationship between tourists’ personal factors such as gender, age, marital status, occupation, education, salary and their buying decision on pottery as souvenirs is statistically significant at the 0.05 level. In addition, the correlation between service marketing mix and tourists’ buying decision on pottery as souvenirs in terms of purchase frequency, average expenditure, purchase decision-maker, time period of the day and reasons to purchase a gift-buying motive indicates the significance level of 0.05.

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Kantvorarat, W. (2016). Factors Relevant to Tourists’ Buying Decision on Pottery Souvenirs at Koh Kret of Nonthaburi Province. Journal of Cultural Approach, 17(31), 31–40. Retrieved from https://so02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/cultural_approach/article/view/58370
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