Hand Garlands: Value-Added to Thai Tradition

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Sakarin Hongrattanavorakit
Khajan Aitsarasuchip


Hand garlands have been an elaborate art form consisting of fresh flowers since the Sukhothai era. It was considered as an advanced course for ladies in the palace. It is a Thai tradition designed to follow beliefs and faith expressed in Buddhist rituals and are entrenched in Thai identity. Hand garlands are beautifully fine and have impressed people throughout time. Thais normally used hand garlands in ceremonies and entwined them together. At the present, flower garlands have been passed on and inherited from generation to generation to conserve the Thai tradition. There are various types of hand garlands, beautiful and new. In addition, they are still popular for all kinds of ceremonies, both happy and mournful. Their popularity are showing, no signs of declining. Hand garlands have always been valuable to Thai society.  


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Hongrattanavorakit, S., & Aitsarasuchip, K. (2023). Hand Garlands: Value-Added to Thai Tradition . Journal of Cultural Approach, 24(45), 76–87. Retrieved from https://so02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/cultural_approach/article/view/259585
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Sakarin Hongrattanavorakit, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakorn



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