The Local Beliefs of Melayu Pattani Cultural Heritage through Media Design in the Contemporary Context

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Napat Prasartsin
Sarawuth Pintong


The objective of this research is to present the findings of a knowledge review of Melayu Pattani's cultural heritage and local beliefs viewed through the lens of contemporary media design. This is a qualitative study of the aforementioned concepts, theories, and research.

The findings indicate that local beliefs refer to stories told by villagers or behaviors inherited over time, and these stories and behaviors are accepted and practiced, passed down from generation to generation until they become a role model or way of life. Beliefs are important in a community because they relate to the way of life of the people who live there. Religious beliefs in the form of philosophy and teachings, belief in hope and peace, beliefs about love for the country and love for one's locality, beliefs about the universe and nature, and belief in gods are among the many characteristics hidden in the Melayu Pattani cultural heritage. Fear, religion, and the way of life of the people in that community are all factors that influence local beliefs. Creativity and the design process are critical components of contemporary media design.

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