Perception of Workplaces towards the Quality of Cooperative Projects in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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Chollada Mongkhonvanit
Krip Jurakanit
Piyatida Kungwansith


This research explores cooperative education students’ perceptions of their workplaces in tourism and hospitality industries. Questionnaires were used as the data collection tool.

The study revealed that workplaces are positively perceived by cooperative education students. However, it also found that workplaces in the hospitality industry are better perceived than those in the tourism industry, especially concerning cost reduction in the workplace. The findings indicated that workplaces received more benefits from the cooperative education projects for private university students than those from public and Rajabhat universities in developing new products. The research also shows that job supervisors, members of the staff and managers, perceive the quality of cooperative education projects differently based on their position in the workplace.

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Mongkhonvanit, C., Jurakanit, K., & Kungwansith, P. (2022). Perception of Workplaces towards the Quality of Cooperative Projects in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Journal of Cultural Approach, 23(43), 19–33. Retrieved from
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