Mak Yong Performance in Southern Border Provinces

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Suksan Sakunsuan
Rewadee Uengpho


The current research was aimed at exploring the situation and context of Mak Yong performance in the areas of southern border provinces of Thailand.  This qualitative research investigated the 6 popular Mak Yong performers in the areas. A semi-structured interview form was used as a tool to conduct phenomenological research seeking to understand the situation that occurred. The results suggested that Mak Yong performance in these southern border provinces currently remains in Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat provinces. Four ensembles were found to continue their performance. Today, the performance is of 2 types, namely: 1) performance for entertainment in festive events; and 2) performance for ritual events.

The phenomenon happened in the areas of Mak Yong performance, the approach of globalization trend, and the address of religious principles gave rise to limitations that resulted in the gradual decline of Mak Yong performance. As modern society offered people’s diverse choices for their pleasure, traditional arts and cultures became deprived of support and audiences. Moreover, violence and insurgency also impacted the change in people’s way of life in these areas. 


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