The Comparison of Buddhist Era (B.E.) and Other Eras for Thai Tourist Guides

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La-iard Silanoi
Charin Phakprapai


            Thailand uses Buddhist Era (B.E.) as the tool for specifying the period of time now a day, which started one year after the Lord Buddha was extinguished to Nirvana. The Christian calendar (Christian Era, AD, C.E.) or Common Era (C.E.) which started since the Christ was born, was used from time to time (as now a universal calendar or Common Era). Furthermore, the Maha Sakkarat (Mo So), the Chunla Sakkarat (Cho So), the Ratanakosin Sok (Ro So), and Islamic calendar (Anno Hegirae, AH) were also used to identified the period of time in the old days.  And the comparisons are very easy with the constant numbers are applied, such as: B.E. – 543 = C.E., B.E. – 621 = Mo So, B.E. – 1181 = Cho So, B.E. – 2324 = Ro So, B.E. – 1122 = AH.  Hence, the Thai tourist guides should understand and remember all these constant numbers that relevance to each Era for better understanding of the duration of time that was recorded in different Eras in many historian records (including decade, century, and millennium), and use them rightly for explaining the historical situations to the tourists at all times. 

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