The Analysis and Classification the Thai Puzzling Riddles at Present: Case Study Students of Mahidol University

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Pattaradhorn Sanpinit


              The purpose of this research was to analyze and classify the Thai puzzling riddles at present. The researcher focuses to concern in the topic of the Thai puzzling riddles about the types of its riddles and the types of the questioning at most. By the studying documents and collective data from asking 50 students of Mahidol University. The result from collective data showed that all of the Thai puzzling riddles are 75 riddles. In as many as 5 categories 1. Details of wording in Thai language 2. Two way riddle 3. True riddle 4. Details of modernization 5. Miscellaneous. The finding showed that there are 33 riddles of the details of wording in Thai language, 14 riddles of the Miscellaneous, 13 riddles of details of modernization Details of modernization, 9 riddles of Two way and 6 riddles of True riddle respectively. To classify these makes riddles are more standard. The Thai puzzling riddles differ from in the past because of the state of society changing. The finding of analysis the riddles showed that the Thai puzzling riddles as information on gaining knowledge about culture as in nature and language, as a tool of practice your brain and for creating social relationships.

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