The Potential Development of Creative Tourism Identity in Chakangrao

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Suprapa Somnuxpong


Kamphaeng Phet Province is located in the Northern part of Thailand and it is also a historic town since Sukhothai period over 700 years. Kamphaeng Phet historical park is a part of cultural Thailand World Heritage. It has an ancient city inhabited and many major cities such as Kosamphi city, Trai Trueng city, Khontee city, Nakorn Chum city and Thepnakorn city. At the present time, there is a new concept of tourism which is called the creative tourism.

The research is conducted by a quantity research method and qualitative research method, such as interviewing and observation from the relevant government agencies, academics, community leader and some concerned citizens who are aware of the potential of the ancient city, for example Kosamphi city, Trai Trueng city, Khontee city, Nakorn Chum city and Thebnakorn city, includes the activities of the community lifestyle where visitors can learn to be a year-round activities in the local sitesThis creative tourism concept can be applied as a tool to maintain the balance between the side effects of tourism to the community and the benefit that the community gains. Therefore, the tourists and the local people can develop their potential and abilities, including increase their experience from participating with one another in the communities. These activities can also be employed to promote the tourism in the province of Kamphaeng Phet throughout the year.

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