Early grammaticalization of the Thai directional verb "paaj (to)"


  • YE TIAN School of International Education, Nanning Normal University, P.R.China
  • TANES IMSAMRAN College of Chinese Studies, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University


directional verb "paaj (to)", Sukhothai period, grammaticalization


After organizing the materials of Thai inscriptions during the Sukhothai period, this article found that the tendency verb "paaj (to)" had already begun to undergo grammaticalization during that period. After a long period of evolution, the Thai verb "paaj (de)" has evolved into other grammatical functions. This article analyzes the corpus of Sukhothai inscriptions and concludes that the early grammaticalization mechanism of the Thai directional verb "paaj (de)" is "going to meaning - metonymy - leaving meaning - metaphor". Under the influence of grammaticalization mechanism, the early grammaticalization process of "paaj (de)" includes transitioning from directional verbs to result complements (a decrease in scale); From directional verbs to directional markers; From directional verbs to directional complements.



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