Review of Research on Emotional Education of International Students in China


  • hao cong -College of Chinese Studies, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University
  • Ph.D


International Students in China, Emotional Education, Student Education, Student Management


        Nowadays, there are over 490,000 students studying in China. China has become the third largest destination country in the world and the largest in Asia. The education management of international students coming to China is an increasingly important issue of concern to China and the world. With the booming development of international education in China, there are many important issues that need to be addressed, such as how to improve international students' in-depth understanding and cross-cultural adaptation to traditional Chinese culture and contemporary Chinese civilization, how to improve the quality of international teaching and the effectiveness of education, management and services, how to enhance the emotional interaction between teachers and students and deepen the international understanding of teachers and students. For a long time, the teaching and learning process has been considered as a cognitive activity. Research on emotion in the field of education lags far behind that on cognition and acquisition, especially the lack of research on the emotion of foreign students and Chinese language learners, which is a special group of university students. In order to explore the current situation and future direction of research on the education and management of ASEAN university students studying in China, the authors use literature analysis to collect, review and sort out the relevant literature of Chinese scholars in the field of international students' emotion education before December 31, 2022, summarize and conclude the existing research results and research characteristics, and analyze the limitations and problems in the research, in order to promote the relevant research It also analyzes the limitations and problems of the research, provides references to promote the further development of related research, reflects on the shortcomings of the research, and discusses new research directions for the teaching, management and service for international students in China in the future.




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