Strategy Analysis on the Professional Growth of Chinese-Thai Literary Translators




In the current cross-cultural communication trend, translation is becoming more and more important in language conversion and cross-cultural communication. Based on strategic analysis, this study analyzes the growth strategies of literary translators, and attempts to explore the growth characteristics of Chinese-Thai literary translators by analyzing the growth background of Chinese-Thai literary translators, the problems existing in their ability development and solutions.

This study will propose three models of literary translator growth strategy, and put forward the literary translation ability level conception according to the translator's educational experience, life experience, social root cause and other growth influencing factors, and then propose the framework conception of cultivation and stable development of Chinese-Thai literary translation ability. It is hoped that through the demonstration of the growth strategy of Chinese-Thai literary translators, it will be beneficial to cultivate the talents of Chinese and Thai bilingual thinking ability to a certain extent, and enrich the content of Sino-Thai cultural awareness research.

The study begins with the specific analysis of the translator's growth strategy, from the categorization and comprehensive analysis of the literary translator training model to the analytic analysis of the literary translation ability (leading growth factors), and finally analyzes the favorable factors for the growth of Thai literature translators according to the actual situation of Thai and Sino-Thai relations. Based on the analysis of the favorable factors for the growth of Chinese-Thai literary translators, and proposes the literary translation talent training strategy suggestion of the translator’s demand-oriented model, and conceives the framework for its stable development. Finally, the conclusion part raises relevant disputes and issues.





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