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Jittraporn Therawat
Payom Dhamabutra
Seri Wongmonta
Kanapa Pongponrat


This research has a purpose to create a strategic plan for sustainable integrated tourism development in Suphan Buri province by using quantitative research method and creating a research questionnaire of comprehensive information in creating a strategic plan for tourism development. The data were collected from a sample group, namely the government, the private sector and the public sectors including tourists in total 400 people. The obtain data were analyzed by frequency distribution and displayed the results as percentage, mean and standard deviation.
The result showed that Suphan Buri province has Phu Toei National Park., Phu Muang National Park, Bueng Chawak Non-Hunting Area, Wat Pa Lelai, Wat Phai Rong Wua, Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, Worship ceremony and worship Luang Pho To of Wat Pa Lelai Festival and, Don Chedi Memorial Festival as a potential tourism resource as well as a strategic plan in tourism development. The administration vision of Suphan Buri province is that Suphan Buri province will create a world-renowned natural tourism brand under the quotation of “Visit Suphan Buri to breathe in the fresh air at Phu Toei National Park, study the flora and fauna in the unspoiled forest, feel the cool mist from Phu Krathing Waterfall, trek the path to the peak of Mount Taow Da in the dense forest, pitch a tent and count stars, wake up in the morning mist to feel the tranquility and integrity of the forest of Phu Muang Ma Suphan Forest Park, jointly enhance nature fields of rice fields, vegetable plots, fish ponds, organic agriculture without chemicals on the land of Suvarnabhumi to conserve the environment.” Furthermore, there are also tourism development strategy for sustainable environmental conservation together with a strategy for utilizing the area to develop tourist attractions and resource management which all are interrelated. When operations are conducted under each strategy, there will be projects that need to be implemented to achieve the objectives. Strategic plans for sustainable integrated tourism development therefore emphasize the environment, society, economy, culture and mental development.

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