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Pomhom Cherdgotha


The objective of this research were to study state problem of folk herbs conservation to increase add value on community network link in Nongsung Sub-District, Aranyaprathet, District, Sakaeo Province,data were communities representatives, communities  researchers, local sages, group leaders, elder ages group, communities enterprise groups, health promotion hospital director, chief executive and members of sub district administration organization Nongsung and chief of village headman total 32 peoples. Purposive sampling from relevant participants preserving herbs The instruments consisted of unstructured and structured interview forms, meeting questions, data collection from community leaders, citizens representing  households and  community elder ages group by interviewed and group meeting, data analysis  by group categorize  compare the conformity and non-conformity to comply with the objective. 

This research found that the problem of herb conservation was not inheritance of knowledge folk herbs from ancestors. The traditional knowledge of folk herb was lost from communities and no propagation of herb because it was from forest. On the other hand, the deforestation from communities was occurred.  Therefore, training course was needed from communities that consist of herb, utilization, and valuable the community market network.

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