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Saowaluk Jittimongkon


The purposes of this study were to: 1) study the problems in operation,
2) factors of success, 3) compare the factors of success, and 4) gain the guideline for the development of success of the Small and medium enterprise in service sector in Kalasin province. This research is mixed method research. Based on the qualitative research and quantitative research. here were 327 samples data were collected from the samples through the stratified sampling including 85 ones from food and restaurant businesses, 91 ones from hotel and temporary accommodation businesses, 69 ones from transportation and logistics businesses, and 82 ones from construction businesses. The questionnaire was used to collected data. Statistics used in analyzing data were percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test, and F-test (ANOVA and MANOVA).

         The results revealed that:

  1. The current situation of the Small and Medium Enterprise in service sector in Kalasin province had three main aspects. Firstly, the support from the government and relevant sectors. Regarding the economic slowdown, this made many businesses have faced many problems which needing the supports from the government and relevant sectors to stimulus economics in terms of providing loans and funds. Secondly, the workforce was one of important problem especially the workers hotel and temporary accommodation businesses. Finally, finance and accounting was another problem resulting from conducting easy accounting instead of standard accounting. Moreover, the lack of operating capital leading to the lack of financial liquidity resulted from economics situation, politics, and social factors.

  2. The Small and Medium Enterprise in service sector in Kalasin province. Had the overall and partial opinions in success in the high level in three aspects which were social responsibility, administrative ability, and effort of success respectively.

  3. The compare the factors of success Small and Medium Enterprise in service sector in Kalasin province. having different gender, age, registered capital, age of business, patterns, value of permanent estate, and income had the significant difference in opinion on factors of success in terms of intention in acquiring new knowledge, administrative ability, eagerness of success, ability in building up new partners, ability to change according to environment, risk, and creative, and social responsibility at the level of 0.05.

  4. The guidelines for the development of the successs of small and medium enterprise in service Sector in Kalasin provinc in three aspects which were social responsibility, administrative ability, and effort of success.

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