New Opportunities and New Perspectives When a World Without Borders


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Keywords : a world without borders, education in a world without borders


     Academic article on the title of “New opportunities and new perspectives when a world without borders” is an academic paper aiming to present ideas about the emergence of a world without borders which consists of four main factors: technology, trade, transportation, and tourism. In addition, this article presents about the occurring nature of the world without borders, competitive system in a world without borders, new perspectives and opportunities for a world without borders, management and culture of a world without borders all within the scope of education.

In a borderless world, it is necessary for humans to adapt to keep up with the speed of change with characteristics of education preparing for the future and multicultural cultures that will create innovations and the need for analytical thinking skills and creativity for people to work together, etc.

Keyword: a world without borders, education in a world without borders


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