Problems of Manpower Production Technical Colleges in Eastern Economic Corridor.



  • Songyot Buaphuean -


Working group on personnel development, EEC, Technical college.


The study on “Problems of Manpower Production of Technical Colleges in Eastern Economic Corridor” was qualitative research aiming at studying the working group’s views towards problems of manpower production at technical colleges in Chonburi, Chachoengsao, and Rayong. The study could be presented in 4 areas. First, there were not enough students as only a small number of junior high school-graduated students furthered their studies at technical colleges. Second, there were unemployed graduates, divided into 2 points, personnel shortages in workplaces; however, the graduates were unemployed. Third, most BA graduates worked in the areas irrelevant to their major studies. This could be described as the universities did not provide chances for companies to take part in developing the curricula, and there was inequality in education. Fourth, laws and regulations never supported personnel development. because the bureaucratic management was not flexible, and the education system did not support the personnel development in the 21st century. 


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