Smart University in the Era of Big Data


  • Chayapadhana Loetamnatkitseri Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University
  • Narathip Pitithanabodee


Smart university, Big data, Internet of Things


Smart campus aims to create a service system that supports student learning. It is a system that integrates teaching and learning, research and management under the intelligent network infrastructure. Building a smart campus is therefore the application of big data using big data technology, cloud computing, Internet of Things and integrating technology with the needs of university users. The design of a smart campus consists of four conceptual models: communication, environment, information, and services. It also consists of the hierarchical architecture, structural model to build a smart campus information platform with seven key areas: intelligent sensing layer, network communication layer, cloud computing layer, big data layer, intelligent application layer, smart terminal layer and support security system.


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