Comparison Between Pre and Post Study on an Online Process Model of Perspective and Isometric Achievement During Covid-19

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Kunakorn Phonsuwan
Chakapong Phaetlakfa


The purposes of this mixed-method study are as follows: (1) Compare academic achievement in higher-level knowledge and thinking. Before and after class with an online teaching process model on perspectives and isometrics; (2) to reveal the learning processes of the students during the online teaching process regarding the perspective and the isometric, and (3) to examine the levels of student satisfaction toward the online teaching process, with regard to the perspective and the isometric. The sample consisted of 22 first-year students majoring in product design by selective selection method. The product illustration online teaching process was based on constructivist design theory. The qualitative data was analyzed by descriptive statistics and inference statistics, a t-test. The results revealed that (1) the research sample achieved their knowledge and higher order thinking after the online teaching process regarding to the perspective and the isometric were higher than before the learning process and different at a statistically significance of .01; (2) most of the students had higher soft skills, designing skills and were at high level in all three components of processing skills, especially had a high ability to provide time for collaboration; and (3) the research sample had a high level of satisfaction on the online teaching process perspective and isometric at a high level, they illustrated that the lecturer made the lecture easier to learn and that the students were happier to learn.


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Phonsuwan, K., & Phaetlakfa, C. (2022). Comparison Between Pre and Post Study on an Online Process Model of Perspective and Isometric Achievement During Covid-19. Journal of Behavioral Science for Development, 14(2), 1–18. Retrieved from
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