The propagation of buddhism by phrathepkhunaporn (phut vutthitto)

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Phrakrunikornvoraphatip (Prateep varapho Wattana Kalyapattakul, Phrasrisuttipong


Research subject The propagation of Buddhism by Phra Thepkunaphorn (Put Wutthitto) aims to 1) to study the pilgrimage; 2) to study the pilgrimage in the Buddhist Sangvej, the place that appears in the Buddhist scriptures. Religion and 3) to analyze the pilgrimage in the Buddhist sanctuary that appears in the Buddhist scriptures. this research It is a qualitative research. by analyzing the data obtained from the study of documents by analyzing, The research found that 1. The proclamation of Buddhism is based on the principles of public interest as a location. which is an important principle of dharma communication in Buddhism mainly and the policy in propagating Buddhism to the disciples This is for the benefit and happiness of human beings. In principle, there are 3 benefits and happiness according to the Buddha's wishes: 1) Ditthammikattha benefits the benefit of this nation 2) the benefit Page Nation Benefit 3) Paramattha Benefit great benefit This word of Buddha clearly indicates the important role in the propagation of Buddhism  2. Phra Thepkunaphorn (Phut Charoensilp) has a special work performance, has done his duty to the best of his ability, has been inspected at temples in the administrative area, along with training for monks, novices and the people. both schools On the construction side, he was the chairman of the construction of a Thai language school after the Phra Pariyatti School made one. Build a pavilion for worship called Nam Santisuk, one after Santisuk 9, behind the chapel, one behind the Sangha Library, one after having built several cubicles, the Sangha Administration Council, Nakhon Sawan Province, one after teaching self-discipline some find a teacher to come to the office to help. Organized some teachings to practice the usual monks' routines. There is a temple making chanting in the Ubosot as a routine. He is a developer who has mercy on doing higher than Nakhon Sawan province. There will be a monk over 100 years old who is a clergyman of the gods and is a primate of Nakhon Sawan province. One of them is considered rare. The virtues of Phra Thepkunaphorn, he often preached about mercy as a means of sustaining the world, which Luang Por was adopted by his kindness, giving him the name of power and using the surname Charoensilp. In terms of mental development, the Venerable Luang Por Phra Thepkunaphorn advised monks and novices to chant prayers, pay homage to monks, perform morning observances, meditate, spread mercy as a basis for polishing the important defilements of the mind, waiting to surround the mind to be calm, prudent, have patience, tolerate, can be immune. Diseases in many worlds. In addition, it can be very useful in daily life. Developing people through education. In education, Phra Det Phra Thepkunaphorn has encouraged monks and novices, adopted children at temples to study the Dharma and Discipline. Wat Phrom Chariyawad School then encouraged to send them to higher classes.  3. The propagation of Buddhism by Phra Thepkunaphorn (Buddha Wutthitto) You are good at innovative work, referring to public utility work. is a work related to construction restoration Overseeing the temple's sanctuary and permanent objects within the temple, including keeping the temple clean and shady, etc. collectively known as good Sanasana inventions worthy of the contemporaries to consume. In fact, all these traditions are good or are good corporate development. Which Phra Thepkunaphorn (Phut Charoensil) has undertaken the construction of many temples when studying from his history, in addition to finding a budget to build, he also supervises the building by himself to complete the objectives of the host. His first work was in 1932, building a Thai language school at Wat Hua Dong Nuea, 22 meters long, 8 meters wide, two floors, celebrating the school receiving a copy of the Prime Minister's Office. and built a museum to preserve local antiques at Wat Hua Dong Nuea and request donations from relatives Until there are many valuable antiques in the Hua Dong Nuea Temple Museum. It can be a great place to study Buddhism and the past culture of the local community.

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