Roles of managers in managing spa businesses for success

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Many tourists visit in Thailand every year. Thailand has considered to be outstanding and has potential in health tourism. The study of competitiveness, it found that Thai spa and massage business is a continuously growing business and have good prospects for both Thai and foreign tourists. Thai spa had more effect on the experience international tourists and their future intentions than the image of Thai spas. The reputation of a Thai spa is a major motivational pull factor while staff service is an important indicator of perceived service quality of a Thai spa. The most important perception image of Thai spas is “Thinness” This Article suggests that the operators/entrepreneurs should promote the development of service skills of therapists and encourage economy of scale approach in reducing cost of spa products, as well as promote knowledge management in Thailand spa industry to stimulate learning from those who have excellent practices the in industry. These will enhance the competitiveness of Thailand spa industry in the future.

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