Contextualizing learning environment for sustainability of online learning and teaching in the fundamental architectural design studio


  • Piyachat Sirivan Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University


online learning, environmental contextualization, fundamental architectural design studio, COVID-19 pandemic


This article presents how teaching and learning processes in fundamental architectural design studio were facilitated and delivered in the context of a case study. It aims to analyze the effect of Coronavirus disease starting in 2019 (COVID-19) situation and the role of online learning platform in a practice-based learning. A research approach is designed with
multi-method of data collection including documentary research, observation, and
semi-structured interviews data analysis focuses on the experiences of lecturers and or facilitators about the changes from a conventional face-to-face to an online class in the pandemic situation. These complex and dynamic phenomena were analyzed and discussed online learning model with the awareness of several actors and online technology simultaneously. The findings point out that technologies and social transition of online learning become a fundamental requirement instead of an alternative process even though it cannot substitute on-site learning and face-to-face perception effectively. The research conclusion addresses the key issues and suggestions on how online learning can be achieved and sustained over time in the context of fundamental architectural design studio.


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