Guidelines for bicycle route-based ecotourism: the case study of Yan Ta Khao district, Trang province


  • Nutthasak Thittiyanin Faculty of Architecture, Prince of Songkla University, Trang Campus


bicycle route, active transport, ecotourism, Yan Ta Khao, Trang province


This paper aims to study the factors and elements of cycling routes and physical environment, and to provide the guidelines development of cycling routes for eco-tourism of Yan Ta Khao, Trang. 17 cycling routes were examined in 4 aspects; connection, safety, convenience and attractiveness through data pertaining to eco-tourism and 490 bicyclists’ behaviors in using bicycles were collected. The data analysis employed standard defined criteria and designs for the bicycle route system. The study revealed that the district of Yan Ta Khao bicycle routes are effectively connected. However, several aspects of the cycling route system need immediate improvement including safety, usability, and road attraction, such as road and shoulder width, bicycle parking areas, information signs, restrooms and homestays. Respective authorities need to support all of these particularly in terms of area management including law enforcement, speed limits and raising public awareness for road safety. Moreover, this study proposes cycling routes across 9 ecotourism attractions which include cultural and community attractions for promoting the diversity of tourists activities and encourage them to use bicycles in their trips.


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